Peer Reviewed Articles On Motor Control In Humans

Kernohan’s contributions to neurosurgery (1/6/21)

Ipsilateral hemiparesis and its history for neurosurgery: same side, wrong side (1/6/21)

7/2/20 - Right Handers Breathe with Left Hemisphere: Handedness and the Risk of Sudden Death in Hemispheric Stroke in NASCET

8/21/19 - The Slower Side Marches to a Distant Drummer: A Fresh Look at the Results of a Paper and Pencil Test for Laterality of Motor Control


04/2/19 - Laterality of Motor Control and its Robotic Applications: A Paper and Pencil Method for Lateralizing the Major (Action, Thought) Hemisphere

03/1/19 - Understanding Left-Handedness

  1. Left leg Apraxia after Anterior Cerebral Artery Territory Infarction

  2. Right Sided Weakness with Right Subdural Hematoma: Motor Deafferentation of Left Hemisphere Resulted in Paralysis of the Right Side

  3. Brad Pitt and Laterality of Motor Control

  4. The Lone Abducting Eye and Laterality of Motor Control: Congresswoman Giffords’ ‘‘Wrong-Way Eyes’’ Denotes Crossed Right Hemisphere Syndrome in a Right Hander Annals of Neurology, November 2012

  5. Pseudoneglect and its Many Faces: Laterality of Motor Control Underpins Asymmetries in Line Bisection, Initial Visual Exploration, Optimal Viewing Position, Point of Subjective Equality and Visual SpanAugust 2012

  6. Laterality of Motor Control before the Advent of Experimental Psychology: Revisiting David Kinnebrook's "Errors of Judgement" at Greenwich in 1796 February 2012

  7. Charleston Neurologist Explores Nuances of Handedness March 16, 2011

  8. Derakhshan I Laterality of Motor Control Before the Advent of Experimental Psychology Revisiting David Kinnebrook's Error of Judgement at Greenwich in 17962011.

  9. Derakhshan I From Celestial to Terestrial: A New Light on David Kinnebrook's Systematic Error of Judgement at Greenwich in 1796 2011.

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    Scientific/technical note on motor control and other neurological subjects published in peer-reviewed journals since the year 2000

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